Contact Center

Inbound Call

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Order Taking
  • Emergency Call Reception

Outbound Call

  • Tele Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Campaign Invitation Call
  • Welcome Call

Contact Center

Since our establishment in 2009, through our knowledge acquired & cultivated in long-established Call center business; installation of new technologies and ensuring Japanese quality security, Altius Link Vietnam have been providing a wide range of Inbound & Outbound services for each client that are fit for their demand.

We also feed back to client through qualitative and quantitative report such as: Statistic Report, Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis report and analytical visual report in order to contribute to review and improve the strategy of clients. We address that key important activity is PDCA and it is our key point that client always appreciate for our performance.

Inbound Solution

Altius Link Vietnam offer a wide range of Inbound service via multi-chanel (Phone, E-mail, Chat, SMS, SNS,..) and can save cost of client by arranging appropriately workload with accuracy of incoming inbound calls.

◎ Customer Care
We handle all types of general inquiries, reservation, and complaint with dig customer’s insight. We bring a high standard of service level and improve customer loyalty & satisfaction. All calls handled by our team are recorded for quality control and training and are also available on-demand for clients.
◎ Technical Support
Our agent are well-trained to answer technical issues that require advanced technical knowledge. We ensure superior delivery of service through our rigorous recruitment, training and development process.
◎ Order Taking
We meet clients diverse requirements by providing order taking services of food delivery, product, services. We maintain a large pool of experienced agents who can be adapted to client project in a short time.
◎ Emergency Call Reception
We receive  emergency call, collect key & detail information and give guidline to customer quickly.



Outbound Solution

Altius Link Vietnam can provide various outbound services for a wide range of industries via multi-channel. We will be able to reach high target by our own knowledge, database list and analysis adapting by the client requirement, approach effectively to potential consumers.

◎ Tele Sales
We are specially well-trained and experienced about talk script to approach all the potential customers. We can be adaptable for unscripted well talk, up-sell, cross-sell. Our Telesales agents are highly knowledgeable of client products and services and dedicated for the duration of sales cycle.
◎ Lead Generation
We can generate lead by calling potential customer and make an appointment on behalf of client with fully understand client’s service or product.
◎ Campaign Invitation Call 
Our well trained agents inform clearly to potential customer about any upcoming campaign, promotion, or other various information via telephone.
◎ Wellcome Call
We courteously send special greetings to potential customer at special occasion such as New Year & Christmas, Birthday, Welcome, etc. on behalf of client with professional manners & attitude.