Along with recent developments and future efforts, Relia Vietnam JSC respectfully announced that we plan to change the business name to Altius Link Vietnam JSC from December 2023.

We are excited to enter the next chapter of our journey as Altius Link Vietnam JSC – marks the merger between KDDI Evolva, Inc. and Relia, Inc recently.

“Altius” comes from Latin and it means “higher” or aiming high. And “Link” is all about connecting and representing our commitment to connecting people and achieving a higher level of communication. Providing easy and relevant support to end users and assisting client companies in building positive relationships with their customers.

And now, as Altius Link Vietnam, we are excited to continue providing high-quality outsourcing services to our clients. With our expanded resources and expertise, we are ready to take on new challenges and reach even greater heights in the outsourcing industry. 

So, stay connected with Altius Link Vietnam JSC and get ready to embark on this new journey with us!

  • Altius Link Vietnam JSC
  • Contact Tel : 028-7308-7308 / 024-7308-6668 | Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.
  • For business and service: send inquiry on "Contact us" page
  • For applying for jobs: View job positions of interest

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