In this blog, we will go over some key takeaways from the BPO-themed presentation and provide an overview of Relia Vietnam Joint Stock Company and its services.

BPO-themed Presentation at Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Relia Vietnam recently hosted a BPO-themed presentation at Vietnam National University. The presentation sought to provide an overview of Outsourcing, with a specific focus on Relia Vietnam’s contributions to the industry and the future of BPO professionals.

Presentation overview

Vietnam National University, Hanoi – VNU, one of two state universities in Vietnam, hosts regular lectures by Japanese businesses, including Relia Vietnam, as part of their career education program. Relia Vietnam has been collaborating with Vietnam National University since 2013, providing extracurricular training opportunities to third-year Japanese language students. This year, the BPO-themed presentation took place on university grounds. 

Mr. Kuninao Sagawa, Director of Relia Vietnam JSC, covered various topics during the presentation. He shared the company’s history, current services, and its activities in the Vietnamese market. He also discussed the potential of the BPO industry in Vietnam. The BPO-themed presentation aimed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the industry, and to encourage them to consider pursuing a career in BPO.

Students participate in the lecture

The BPO-themed presentation also focused on Relia Vietnam’s contributions to the community. As part of its commitment to regional development, the company will continue to offer career education programs for students. Relia Vietnam’s contributions will certainly help develop the BPO industry further in the future. Create opportunities for young people to explore potential career paths, and develop valuable skills.

Relia, Inc. and Relia Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Relia, Inc., founded in 1987. As a pioneer in the Call Center industry, Relia, Inc. experienced rapid growth with more than 60 locations and 36,000 employees globally. Through Call Center services and Back Office operations, Relia, Inc. provides new customer experience value, contributes to the enhancement of engagement between their corporate clients and consumers.

Relia Vietnam Joint Stock Company, established in November 2009, is the first Japanese-owned Outsourcing company in Vietnam. Relia Vietnam has been providing Call Center and BPO services to corporate clients. The company is committed to providing clients with the best quality services, while also committed to security and productivity.


Relia Vietnam will continue to actively pursue contributions to the community, including career education support that gives students the opportunity to envision their future.

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